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Why You Must See DC


Washington, DC may not be a destination that immediately springs into mind when considering a holiday. However, while it is relatively small in area, at just 68 square miles, Washington is big in terms of things to do. After visiting once I was sufficiently intrigued to return again, and yet again.

Nestled on the banks of the Potomac River Washington brushes Northern Virginia on its west side and is enveloped by Maryland on the other three. It is named after the first American president George Washington and is the capital city of the United States.

One could literally spend weeks touring the fascinating museums of the Smithsonian alone. It is a family of over 20 museums, the lion’s share of which are, yes, in Washington.

Dramatic architecture and statues abound.

Some landmarks were familiar from movies and documentaries. But standing beside the marble Lincoln at the Lincoln Memorial felt surreal.

Gazing from the terrace across the reflecting pool to the Washington Monument was an impressive view but standing later next to the 555-foot spire was even more so.

The Korean War Veterans Memorial leaves a lump in my throat each time I have passed. The line of posed life-size soldiers, a squad on patrol, hold a realism that touches the heart. You almost feel they are watching you go by.

A visit to Washington is incomplete without a side trip to Arlington Cemetery. That picture story will follow soon.

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