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Tossa de Mar, Spain


This picture story was submitted by Barb Campbell, Caledon

Tossa de Mar is a town by the Mediterranean in the Catalonia region of Spain. It’s located on the rugged and scenic Costa Brava, which translates to the Wild or Rough Coast.

My husband and I went there to relax for a few days before a three-day trail running stage race along the coast. We seldom visit beaches but we enjoyed a breezy picnic on the sand. The ocean views were spectacular and the steep hiking trails at the edge of town took us up high into dry areas dotted with shrubs and cacti.

Like many places in Europe, Tossa de Mar is loaded with history. The extensive ruins of the Roman villa of Ametllers date from the 1st Century BC. Visitors can see remains of mosaic floors, a spa and a fruit press. This made the 14th century fortified medieval town seem almost modern by comparison. It was fascinating to wander the old town with its intact walls, turrets and cobblestone streets. There were old churches, shops and restaurants to discover along tiny streets or at the edge of the sea.

In warmer weather, Tossa de Mar and surrounding towns are so packed with tourists that it wouldn’t have been our kind of destination, but in the chilly days of mid-April, it was quiet and relaxed. Some shops, restaurants and hotels were closed but there was more than enough to see and do. It was a perfect place to rest up and prepare for our race.

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