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Sunrises on the Mayan Riviera


This picture story was submitted by Maria Matusik from TorontoOntario.


In early December we attended my nephew’s destination wedding in the beautiful Mayan Riviera region of Mexico. I am happy to share a collection of my sunrise photos from that memorable vacation.

For me the sunrise is the perfect time to go and walk along the empty beach. I enjoy the feel of the sand between my toes and the smell of fresh and salty ocean air. I admire the spectacular seascape with all of its shades of grey, blue, yellow and gold. It is a great day to start another day on vacation.

I also love the graceful beauty of palm trees and love to watch the sun rising over the sea between their branches. Looks amazing to me!

I truly appreciate the beauty of nature and I find sunrises to be such an amazing phenomenon. These beautiful moments were an added highlight to a wonderful trip and a very special family event.

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