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Sun-kissed Sunflowers in Caledon


This picture story was submitted by Chris Millar from Bolton, Ontario

I discovered the Davis Family Farm in Caledon East the first summer after moving to Bolton. I was out on a drive exploring the amazing scenery Caledon had to offer.

I’d never seen anything like this and I sat in my car for a long time just taking in the fields and the beauty of it all.

Several days later I went back and spoke with the owner. At the time it was the senior Davis and I asked him a million questions about the fields. He was very kind and gave me some history about the farm and told me I could wander around and  enjoy.

This started my yearly outing to the farm to walk through the acres and acres of vibrant sunflowers. Every year I’m in awe of the breathtaking view for as far as the eye can see. 

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