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Soap Bubble Photography


On days when the weather is frigid, I turn to indoor photography, be it still life or macro. Several years ago I created a series of abstract soap bubble macro images, and when the recent weather turned negative double digits, I decided to revisit this fun little challenge. I gathered the necessary equipment. My Canon EOS R, 100 mm macro lens, extension tubes, two wireless flash units, wireless trigger, two flash diffusers, sturdy tripod, mirror, dish soap and a straw. Once set up, I got to work, carefully positioning a bubble on the mirror with the straw, manually focusing on it and firing off shots until the bubble popped! Being a fairly low-hit-rate kind of photography, I proceeded to fire off hundreds of photos over a couple of hours. Between each shot, I had to wipe off the remaining dish soap from the mirror before starting again. After reviewing the images in post-processing, I landed on 5 that I liked. Now, if I can learn to like the cold temps, I can take soap bubble photography outdoors for some amazing results! Stay tuned and happy shooting!

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