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Scenic Scarborough Bluffs


One day I was walking along the beach at Bluffers Park with a friend and had brought my camera along. I grew up in Scarborough, in fact I went to high school in Guildwood village which is very close to the bluffs. As we walked, I marvelled at the escarpment rising above us. I read that the bluffs are a significant geological feature along Lake Ontario, that they resulted from an accumulation of sedimentary deposits from 12,000 years ago! 

There are 11 parks along the 15 kilometers of bluffs. The water was fairly calm, and many people were out with their families and dogs.

The trails connect the parks, and each has unique features. The cliffs vary in height to 90 meters above the lake level. Although the beach was frequented by people, the outer areas along the shore were graced with beautiful grasses, and so naturalized that the area looked undisturbed as though no one had ever been there.

The sun was very bright and the sand glistened as the water reached it to reveal patterns as the waves rushed back into the lake. The patterns and colours are also nature’s creation from various minerals such as red garnet and black magnetite, painting a beautiful abstract for us.

If you look at the top of the cliff in this photo (above) you can see houses built very close the edge. Erosion has been a huge problem from the stonehooking days (1830 to 1930) where stone slabs and rocky material was removed for use in construction and now it is difficult to prevent the impact of waves against it causing instability.

Despite several warnings and posted signs, the visitors to the bluff often get too close to the edge.

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