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Postcard Perfect Costa Rica Sunset


There are few things that can capture and hold my attention like sunsets over water. The sun, gracefully descending in the western sky and leaving in its wake a magical mix of colours.

First, they pulse and glow mesmerizingly among the clouds. Then the dance slows as they dare the waves to reflect all that shimmering glory.

On our one and only trip to Costa Rica we stayed at a resort on the Pacific coast. A ring-side seat to some of the most intense sunsets in the world had not entered into our decision. In retrospect, it was an opportunity I would not pass up if given the chance again.

You would think that the beachfront scene would grow boring after a while, but it remained breathtaking night after night. Even the boats anchored in the bay for the evening rarely left or barely changed position. Instead, they repeated their roles in this stellar seaside show that was, in my view, postcard perfect.

Pacific coast sunsets, like those here at home in Wasaga Beach, are striking photo opportunities.

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