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Paris Storm


This picture story was submitted by Laura Brady from Bolton, Ontario


During a recent vacation to Paris celebrating my 25th wedding anniversary, I encountered dramatic light and clouds of a storm over the city. My husband and I were chased out of the stunning and fascinating Père Lachaise Cemetery because of an incoming storm.

We walked through the grounds of the Louvre as the storm rolled in.

The skies rumbled creating dramatic lightscapes, particularly around the gorgeous Louvre palace, including walk-throughs where we spied peekaboo 17th century buildings.

The sun shining under the clouds created dramatic contrast, making me look like a master photographer instead of a hapless tourist.

The clouds over the famous Pont Neuf bridge were astonishing. We were never rained on, which is surprising, although the glimmer of a rainbow did appear.

We went on an hour-long cruise along the Seine River, starting at the Pont Neuf Bridge, a structure built in the late 16th century, is decorated with 385 mascarons or stone faces, each weighing 100kg. They are said to represent the faces of the cheated husbands of women who had affairs with King Henri IV.

Paris truly lives up to stereotype as a romantic, beautiful city. This shot is from the boat of the banks of the Île de la Cité.

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