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Painting from Photos


The painting above is from one of my talented friends’ photographs. It is actually a real truck somewhere in Caledon. I loved the yellow and green and tried to stay true to the original colours of the photo. I think it is one of the best paintings I have ever finished, but it is not commercial art and has never found a home. 

I saw a photo of this barn (above) and immediately fell in love with the colours. Lucky for me, I know the photographer. She has an incredible eye and is the inspiration for so many of my paintings. I actually painted this image twice, which I very seldomly do, but found a home for both of them. I guess there is something about this image that makes people pause. 

This was a retirement present for my brother in-law, one of the hardest working individuals I know. Since I have no clue about cars or trucks, I just crossed my fingers and hoped I got it right. It’s kind of like anatomy, once you break it down to its moving parts it becomes a lot easier. He loved it 😊

My son told me he saw a painting of a piano he liked. He even took a picture of it to show me. All right… I know nothing about pianos but with a black and white photo from Yamaha music to give me some guidance I set out to give it a try. Since this is sort of abstract, I was able to hide a lot of the details, so I am neither a mechanic nor a pianist at this point, but it was really cool to try and get a feel for the perspectives of something that has a unique shape.

The colours! Again a photo from my friend and I didn’t even change anything – she finds images rich in colour just like that. It’s Kitchen Art and presently hangs in a beautiful cozy home in Germany.

Note: If you are interested in purchasing any of Nikola’s art you will find her contact info on the right sidebar.

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