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Off the Walls in Little Havana


In the first week of January 2020 we had just disembarked in Miami from our first ever “whole family” cruise. In hindsight we were so fortunate to get that in before the pandemic locked down the world. We had a few hours before our flight home and decided to take a walk around Little Havana.

Our self-guided mini-tour certainly met our expectations for a fabulous lunch as La Esquina De La Fama served up a delicious Cuban sandwich and a Mojito that arrived smoking, literally. But the highlight of the afternoon was the incredible street art.

As we were short on time we focused on the area around the infamous Wynwood Walls. The late Tony Goldman conceived the idea for revitalizing the former warehouse area in 2009, viewing the huge walls as blank canvases for art.

The outdoor art museum features spectacular murals that seem to jump from the walls. Inside the Wynwood Walls there are shops, restaurants, breweries and, of course, art galleries.

We strolled through the GGA Gallery, where you’ll find an ever-changing display of art selected by Goldman Global Arts co-founder and gallery curator Peter Tunney.

While I loved all of the exhibits in GGA it was the eye-popping work of Brazilian artist Eduardo Kobra that truly made me stop and stare. Kobra is also famous for painting the astounding 30,000+ square foot mural titled Las Etnias (The Ethnicities) to brighten Rio de Janeiro’s port district in time for the 2016 Olympic Summer Games.

Wynwood was a great end to a wonderful family vacation and I highly recommend it if you visit Miami.

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