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New York, New York


Recently my wife and I travelled to New York to celebrate a very special occasion.

Our first two days in the city were spent taking in many of the most popular sites. But it was the photos I captured during last night’s walk up 8th Ave to W 45th St for a slice of pizza and some gelato that showed what has affected me the most: the people. A blend of tourists from all over the world and locals who, to my eye, have a hardened look in their eyes. I may just be imagining it, as I come with the knowledge of what happened on 9/11, having watched it unfold from beginning to end from afar. But I don’t think so. That event is woven into the fabric of this city, and you can feel it, but their resilience is felt just as strongly. Man, you got to me, New York.

Photos – group one of two

Link to the second group of photos here

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