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May Flowers


These paintings were inspired by and painted from photos that I took of the famous cherry blossoms in Toronto a couple of years ago.

The cherry blossoms were donated from Japan to Toronto in 1959, and every spring, they draw quite a crowd of blossom-lovers from near and far. Not many people know however, that you can avoid the High Park crowds and see some cherry blossoms in other locations around the city, like on York University’s Keele campus. I lived right next to the campus for many years, so I was able to enjoy these beauties for the entire season! 

If you compare the photographs closely with the paintings, you might be able to spot some of the exact blossom clusters that I painted. I was inspired to combine jellyfish with blossoms when I realized how colourful, light, delicate, and even translucent they both are. Nature is the main inspiration when it comes to my art, and when I was reminded that air acts like a fluid, my imagination went wild with visions of sea creatures swimming through the air. While this might only be possible in my daydreams, I’m excited to bring these visions to life, in a way, through my art. 

Note: If you are interested in purchasing any of Marica’s artwork you will find her contact information on the right sidebar.

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