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Masters of Camouflage


I’m a bit of a biology nerd and always have been. In my free time, I love to watch nature documentaries. Something that has always fascinated me is the ability to camouflage. Many camouflaging creatures have natural colouring that help them blend in with their surroundings. Others, like the octopus and chameleon, go above and beyond by changing the colour of their skin! 

I wanted to take this ability one step further in my art and explore the idea of camouflaging against complex patterns. I’ve always loved doodling patterns, so I created my own. 

It was an interesting challenge to make these two creatures blend in with their surroundings while also appearing to be on-the-move, living and breathing beings that are still distinguishable from the wallpaper or teacup that they are camouflaging with.

I recently had the opportunity to display these two paintings in front of a large audience. The reactions were what one might expect when seeing these same creatures in person. Some viewers casually walked past the paintings, never noticing the creatures hidden within. Others had my favourite reaction, which was surprise and then excitement upon spotting the hidden creature! 

Nature is truly amazing and I hope that these artworks get people excited about the real masters of camouflage in our world. 

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