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Lighthouse Love


I have always loved lighthouses, though I’m not entirely sure why. Maybe it has to do with my fascination with the ocean and life on the coast. Maybe it’s because they’re solitary structures that are tended to by one keeper and as an introvert, I find that to be peaceful. It could also be because of their symbolism of being a light in the darkness. There are just so many beautiful things about them! 

Signal Through The Fog

This love of lighthouses crept its way into some of my artwork over the years and so far I’ve created two paintings featuring them – Signal Through the Fog and Lighthearted. Balloons also pop up in my work from time to time, whichcan represent lightness, happiness, and freedom. I think that the addition of balloons in both of my lighthouse paintings – each created about 6 years apart – mainly represent the beauty and freedom that I see in these structures and in life near the ocean.


Despite my love for lighthouses, I have only ever had the chance to visit one in my life. I finally visited my first and only lighthouse, the Gibraltar Point Lighthouse on the Toronto Islands, in 2016. It was an exciting and wonderful experience for me to finally see one in person, so I had to go back and see it again in 2021. I hope to visit and paint many more, as they continue to fascinate and inspire me!

Marica at Gibraltar Point Lighthouse

Note: If you are interested in purchasing any of Marica’s artwork you will find her contact information on the right sidebar.

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