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Islands of the North Sea


This picture story was submitted by Helen Mason from Caledon, Ontario


Last summer I was fortunate to enjoy a wonderful trip that included Scotland, Norway, and Denmark. As well I was able to visit both the Shetland and the Faroe Islands.

The Shetland Islands are roughly 170 km north of Great Britain. After a stormy day crossing the North Sea we arrived safely at the Shetlands, the northernmost islands of Scotland.

The quaint town of Lerwick, is the capitol and the largest settlement. The town’s name has roots in the Old Norse language.

Lerwick boasts magnificent stone buildings, historical in both exterior and interior. Its streets are narrow and steep. 

Fans of the TV series Shetland may recognize a couple of shots.

Then we were northbound again to the Faroe Islands. 

The Faroe Islands are about equidistant from Norway and Iceland. They are an autonomous territory of Denmark. The archipelago consists of around 15 islands several of which are connected by tunnels under the sea. 

The architecture here is very different from Shetland. There are more grass-roofed houses in the Faroe Islands than any other place in the world. And yes, the roofs are mown from time to time.

Unfortunately, the weather dictated what we did and didn’t see. 

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