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Island Life On Roatan


Roatan sits about 40 miles off the north coast of Honduras. Although it is the largest of Honduras’ Bay Islands it is less than 5 miles across at the widest point, and a mere 48 miles long.

We chose the island for a winter vacation last year, splitting a 3-bedroom home we found on VRBO with friends. We have found that sharing accommodations with another couple makes a longer stay affordable.

Roatan has a tropical climate as it sits just 16 degrees north of the equator. The temperature was a consistent 28C plus or minus a degree or two for the entire month of February that we were there. Aside from occasional tropical showers most rain occurs during the October to January rainy season.

If you have heard of Roatan chances are it was with reference to snorkeling or diving. The Mesoamerican Barrier Reef, the second largest barrier reef in the world after the Great Barrier Reef, passes oh-so-close to Roatan’s northern shoreline.

We did get in a day of snorkelling over at busy West Bay. However most of our time was spent at our secluded little resort on the central north coastline. 

We went swimming in the Caribbean virtually every day. There was an on-site restaurant if you felt like a night off from cooking. There was a small brewery a few minutes walk outside the gates of the resort that beckoned us now and then. But literally everywhere else required a cab ride. For me that seclusion was a big part of what I loved about the place.

Long walks among the lush towering forests that graced, and surrounded, the resort were energizing and inspiring. I loved waking up every morning to birdsong and the sounds of little unidentified creatures. It was truly a peaceful place. The kind of peaceful where you could settle in and write a book, or paint, or oh yes, take lots of pictures.

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