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Inspiring Creativity and Conversations


I have always been somewhat hesitant when it comes to photographing people on the street. However, my shift to film photography came with a pleasant surprise.

Folks that pass me by always glance with curiosity at the camera that I am using, and in many cases, they will stop and ask me about it. So, it did not surprise me when a gentleman stopped to chat while I was taking an image from a bridge in Bobcaygeon.

“Getting any good shots?” he asked.

“I’m certainly getting a few!” I replied. “This is actually a film camera”.

“Oh, I know!” he said. “I have one just like it”.

We continued to talk about camera equipment, his years in the television industry, and his love of Bobcaygeon. I explained that a friend and mentor would often describe situations just like this, where a vintage camera turned into a wonderful conversation starter. It was at that moment that I built up the courage.

“Sir, would you mind if I took your portrait?” I asked.

“That would be great” he replied.

So, with that, I introduce you to Al, the lovely gentleman that I met on a late summer day in Bobcaygeon, where we enjoyed the weather, and our time talking about common interests. That was a couple of years ago now, and my photography has continued to evolve, along with a deep love for vintage cameras.

I ran into Al a  few months back, and he remembered our chat on the bridge on that beautiful summer day.

Photography continues to surprise me in wonderful ways. 


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