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Iceland’s Lagoon and Lunar Landscapes


This picture story was submitted by Helen Mason of Caledon 


I didn’t expect to spend any time in Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland, other than to note the modern concert hall and a plethora of modern construction. 

I was on my way to experience the unique beauty and therapeutic properties of Iceland’s geothermal territories. 

First of all, the famed Blue Lagoon did not disappoint. Here, sea water is heated by volcanic forces beneath the earth. The warm milky water is rich with minerals and silica. It is believed that bathing in the pools relieve stress and revitalizes your skin. Nobody here has mentioned that I look 10 years younger but I can live in hope! The experience was quite delightful regardless. 

On then to visit what is called the lunar landscapes. Its beauty shows in the stark lava fields and dormant volcanoes. However, the volcano that you see in the background of one picture here is, I believe, the same one that erupted about six weeks ago.

Here we also experience the active geothermal landscapes of bubbling sulphuric mud pools and streams. The smell wasn’t as bad as I expected!


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