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Iceland Waterfalls


We visited the waterfall called Godafoss where legend has it that the Chieftain Thorgeir, in the year 1000 AD threw his Pagan idols into the falls and declared Christianity to be the official religion Iceland.

The shape of the falls resembled Niagara Falls and it was enhanced by some remarkable rock formations. Although it was only 100 feet across it certainly provided an awe-inspiring site.

We had beautiful and striking views and reflections on our way to the largest and most well-known waterfall in Iceland, Dynjardi. It’s made-up of a series of lower and smaller waterfalls until you reach the base of the highest fall. There is a hike over rough terrain but it’s worth every minute of climbing over and around the huge boulders. I was really lucky to catch a couple of pictures enhanced by the sun just rising over the summit.

A gorgeous sky taken at 10:00 PM on our way out to cross the Arctic Circle. Just 15 minutes later the sun is setting on the horizon and six hours later we’ve crossed the circle going north, and then south again, in time to see the sun rising.


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