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What could be more romantic then getting married in Hawaii?

My husband and I, after being together for a few years, finally decided to make our partnership official. We had been to Hawaii five years ago and fell in love with the people, the scenery, and the overall feeling of peace.  The beauty of the land there cannot be captured by pictures alone. One needs to feel it, breathe the air, and swim in the ocean.  

The flowers in Hawaii always seem to be in bloom. There so many different tones of the greens. It’s truly a gem.  The land is rich in history, it is also the only state in the US that grows coffee on a commercial scale.  Their pineapple is the best and fresh everyday.  Did you know it takes between 18 and 32 months to have a ripened pineapple?  The Dole plantation is located on Oahu and is worth seeing.

The beauty of Hawaii is seen everywhere on the Island of Oahu, the flowering shrubs catch your eye everywhere you look.  From the busy area of Waikiki to all the offshore little towns.  You can’t help but take in the colours and scents of the vegetation.

While we were in Hawaii, we spent an afternoon at Pearl Harbour.  It is a place that everyone should see during your visit to the island.  It is very surreal. When you see the settling place of the USS Arizona, you come to realize all the men and women who lost their lives on Dec 7, 1941.  Take the time to do the self paced walking tour as well. The Battleship Missouri is stationed at Pearl Harbour and a must see.  

Of course, make time while you are there to enjoy your evenings. The sunset views are absolutely stunning!

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