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Great Barrier Reef – Part One


This picture story was submitted by former Caledon resident Marolyn Morrison.


In March of 2023 my husband and I accompanied our son, his wife and their three children on an incredible Australian adventure. That adventure included three days on a liveaboard experiencing the Great Barrier Reef, the world’s largest coral reef.

Our trip got underway in Brisbane and we spent the next two weeks leisurely making our way by rental van to Cairns. On route we did side trips to Heron Island (for four days) and to Fraser Island (for 3 days).

We had booked a liveaboard to ensure we could spend lots of time experiencing the GBR and we found we had certainly made the right choice. A boat took us from Cairns out to our liveaboard where we spent three glorious days swimming, snorkelling and scuba diving. 

During those three days the liveaboard moved to three different locations and water activities were scheduled four times each day. Meals were included as was scuba gear and wetsuits to protect against jellyfish. We chose to bring our own snorkelling equipment.

Our 13-year old grandson did his dive course and was certified while we were there. What an amazing place for this milestone to occur!

We saw such an incredible variety of marine life, some in absolutely breathtaking colours. Each day ended with a spectacular sunset and we came away with a wealth of fabulous family memories!

Note: All pictures here were taken by a liveaboard photographer and purchased by our family.

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