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Geneva, Switzerland


This picture story was submitted by Laura Brady of Bolton, Ontario


Geneva is the loveliest city, nestled by three mountain ranges — the Jura, the Vauche, and the Salève. I would love to tell you that this means that the air is sweet and cool but I was there during a heat wave and, uh, it was not. Aside from how incredibly expensive it is, Geneva is the perfect mix of European charm with an international pulse.

This is the view of my walk to dinner in the old town.

The architecture is generally recognizably European. My hotel room in the Warwick had a view of a vast internal courtyard.

And as befits a great European urban area, it is very pedestrian and bike friendly, with a robust public transportation network. In fact, my hotel room came with a transit pass! Note the mountains in the background of these pictures.

The waterfront on Lake Geneva and along the rivers is well-maintained and prioritizes human engagement with the environment, something I appreciate after living in Toronto. 😉

It is an imminently walkable city with surprise art, historic churches, and trees that beckon you to rest here.

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