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For The Birds


I was trying to think of a story for each of these and the strange thing is that four of these paintings honour people that have passed away. Maybe the bird was a special friend, maybe it came when needed, maybe it just made the person who wanted the painting think of their loved one. I don’t know exactly, but birds seem to have that quality. Maybe because they can fly. 

The flamingos, the swan and the owl were images I came across by chance and I just had to be paint them because I fell in love with the colours and the light.

One thing I can say is that birds are forgiving to paint, because unlike house pets humans rarely get close enough to notice little details.

The owl I painted twice and she looked totally different each time. I think maybe because I painted them for specific people and with their personality in mind it changes what happens on the canvas. One was observant,, guarded and knowing and the other was wise, protective and patient. However that could just be in my mind, but it’s kind of fun to give them personalities as I paint.

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