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Flowing Shapes


These images all have an acrylic pour painting background which is an incredibly fun way to play with colours. You never know what you will end up with as the colours flow and mix based on the consistency of the paint and the way you drag, blow or tilt the canvas.

I rarely have an image in mind when I do this, so the colours can just do what they want. You just need to let go of control and see what happens. The hardest thing is to stop messing around with it before it all turns into gray. I have done that many times.

This medium takes some time to dry, and you need a level surface, or it will all end up in one corner or completely flow off the canvas. It can get quite messy. 

Once the background is dry, I put the canvas on my isle and keep turning it around until I figure out what it is I see in the colour chaos. That’s when I start to paint and add images with intention. 

For the forest painting, I was given a colour palette that matched my friends condo decor and had free reign what to do with it. We walk in the forest together so that was easy.

The Inukshuk (the real one) is in Rankin Inlet, Nunavut. I work as a tour guide sometimes and was researching when I came across this one. It’s huge and so magnificent!

The woman, I painted three times with different backgrounds. I love anatomy and muscles – kind of a given since my real job is personal training. The first one was auctioned off to support The Exchange and then I painted two more just because people asked me to.

Just before the pandemic we went to Uruguay, and I loved watching the tango dancers in Montevideo. They just dance on the streets and are so focused and intense – its fascinating! So when I had a background with lots of sparkle and movement, that’s what I wanted to paint.

And lastly the group of women, I painted those three times as well. Maybe what I missed most during the pandemic – hanging out with my friends and talking without barriers and leaning in without fear.

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