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Flowing Animals


All these paintings were based on the same idea of using acrylic flow technique and then adding a shape – in this case animals.

Animals only have to look like their species, so that’s a bit easier then trying to paint a specific person. Unless they are our pets, we generally are not very familiar with exact features, so its harder to see mistakes. An example would be if a bird’s leg is placed too far back or Mr. Moose’s eyes too close to the midline of the face – hard to pick up on unless you really pay attention.

My human anatomy is pretty good due to my job as a personal trainer, and I can easily put bones, muscle and skin on top of each other and figure out what looks right. However, with a horse I had to really research to get it right.

I consider it part of the fun though to actually learn a bit more about what goes onto the canvas.

Speaking about the camel, that was actually done backwards. I had the image I wanted to paint but needed to create a background that worked with the colours and shapes that I had in my head. 

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