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Flow and Movement


The piece above was one of the first flow paintings I have ever done. I saw this line-up of sticklike figures in a dance studio advertisement. Since I like anatomy and movement it was a great way to practice shapes without any detail. It was just a quick study, and some arms are too long, and some legs are too short, but it looks like people dancing on fire so maybe that’s just the way it is supposed to be.

This is the first painting I actually named. It’s called Cosmic Pinball and it’s huge! I had to paint it in the hallway and annoyed my entire family as they had to step around my mess. There was absolutely no plan. I just threw paint on a canvas and hoped for the best. It is now in our living room which is dark and does not have good lighting, but I think it would be striking on a lighter wall with sunlight to really make it come alive as some of the colours are metallic.

I can’t even remember what prompted the painting below, but I had a large square canvas and wanted to try some new liquid colours I had bought. It involved a lot of pouring and splashing and changing shapes a gazillion times. But it was a fun process and the more I changed things the more depth I created. I think I used a 4″ paint brush and painted half the floor in the process!

The painting below is a one for a friend of mine from my track and field days in Germany. We used to go to Italy for training camps when we were teenagers and did lots of sprints on the beach. She now works in an art gallery in Berlin and does not like realism. I guess this was my attempt to put our connection into a painting that is abstract enough, but still reminds her of the time we spend together which revolved around movement, water and the colour purple.

This final painting started as a wave that got too big and needed something to anchor it down. So, I flipped the format and added a burning horizon to keep it grounded. To me it feels like lava from the ocean floor exploding into the night sky.   

Note: If you are interested in purchasing any of Nikola’s art you will find her contact info on the right sidebar.

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