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Feathered Friends


Fall can be a difficult time to identify birds that you are seeing. There are many Juveniles around and birds are not in their breeding colours. It is also a time when birds are migrating and it can be fun to look for birds that you haven’t seen before. 

One bird that I saw recently was this Black and White Warbler, this little warbler doesn’t change colour and is very aptly named. It goes up and down the trunk and branches of trees looking similar to a nuthatch. Listen for these cute little birds both in Spring and Fall. 

Black and White Warbler

Often when you see male Wood ducks this time of year they are in eclipse plumage. This is non breeding plumage. I was fortunate recently to spot a male at my local pond still in breeding plumage. 

This juvenile Cedar Waxwing was catching bugs over a small pond and paused just long enough for me to get a quick picture. There was a flock of them feasting on the insects but they didn’t pause often. You can see the resemblance between the young Cedar Waxwing (below) and the adult (above) in these two photos. 

Cedar Waxwing

Sometimes when you are photographing one bird you are fortunate enough to spot something entirely different. This was the case with the Eastern Wood Pewee that I saw. I have never seen this bird before and I had to look up what it was to identify it. Although this time of year can be challenging for identification, it is an excellent time to see many interesting birds. 

Eastern Wood Pewee

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