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Fall At The Falls


This picture story was submitted by Marie Vanderdoelen from CaledonOntario


With the exceptionally nice weather we had in September and into October, many of the fall leaves seemed to be waiting a bit to “do their thing”!

My husband and I, recently retired from teaching, had our autumn free to go on hikes and drives wherever and whenever we desired. We had been waiting patiently for the colours to be at their peak down in Dundas before we made the much anticipated, hour or so drive to view them. We had read much about the colours there from various Facebook posts.

We made it there on Wednesday, October 25th and, although we had heard that the previous weekend had been the peak, a friend who lives in Dundas assured us that there was still plenty of beauty left to witness. He was right!

As we ascended the escarpment, there was much to see. We stopped at the Sydenham Lookout for a wonderful view of Dundas below, a little teaser for what we would see on our hike up to the peak.

The road descended as we continued to the trail entrance ready for us to hike back up to the peak! 

I’ve been told that, originally, the trail to Dundas Peak allowed you to see two waterfalls, Webster’s Falls and Tews Falls along it’s way. Now, the way to Webster’s Falls from this path is closed and you need to move to a different trail to see it. 

You can, however, still view Tews Falls and what a treat that was.  The falls rivalled some that I had seen on the west coast last year!

My husband and I fully agreed that the 15,000 steps we took that day were definitely steps well taken! 

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