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Faces… the most difficult and also the most fascinating thing to paint for me. There are shapes and shadows and lines and texture, but the best part is expression. Some of these people I know personally which makes it a lot harder to get it right, but I love the challenge.

I saw a photo on Instagram of my niece’s daughter. She had this perfect lost in thought expression about her and she is so damn cute. The colours are totally different than what I usually use, but they suit her. She actually has this painting (above) in her bedroom now, which I love as she doesn’t really know who I am. 

The painting below was part of a fundraiser. I got to chose from about 10 different photos (there were several artists involved) and all paintings were auctioned off to raise funds to support the organization. I actually think that is a brilliant idea.

This is Elen Jordano, a French model – still stunningly beautiful! I had a black and white photo to work from and just added lots of colour. 

Elen Jordano

One of my friends is a photographer and she took a picture of her husband and named it ‘the thinker’. I loved it so much and wanted to see if I could capture that in a painting.

The Thinker

These following three paintings are done on an abstract background and to be honest they each cover a painting that I felt I had to paint over because I couldn’t make it work. 

A lot of texture and metallic paint just kind of happened with the painting below. I didn’t even know where I was going with this until she looked at me. 

In this one I started with a stencil to add texture and then exploded with any colour I could find. I like green eyes.

My very first attempt at abstract painting provided the background for this painting. I googled ‘attitude’ and found a photograph of a young woman – perfect for what I had in mind. And green eyes again.

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