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Exotic Tropicals


One of the best parts of a trip south, in my humble opinion, is the opportunity to see, smell and photograph plants that I would not be apt to see at home.

I absolutely love to see Rhododendrons, in a beautiful palette of pinks, dancing in a light breeze under the warm southern sun.

Beach Spider Lilies are in the running for one of the most unusual plants I’ve seen. These large white flowers display a pretty cup surrounded by long, slender petals and offer a delicate waft of vanilla.

Beach Spider Lily

The Starburst Bush is so aptly named with its flowers resembling fireworks. Those tips open to tiny curly flowers that seem to repeat the theme. And I just can’t walk past a Pink Cone Ginger without stopping to admire the show.

I spotted this Bush Morning Glory in the Dominican Republic, it’s delicate blooms still decorated with the drops of an early morning shower.

Bush Morning Glory

Truly exotic are how I’d describe Passion Flowers which I’ve been lucky to see in red and deep pink. I have heard that these perfumed beauties with their very distinctive coronas can attract bees, butterflies and even bats.

Passion Flowers

If you decide to venture south for a vacation be sure to take the time to stop and smell the… exotic tropicals!

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