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Damsels (Not) in Distress


For me, photography is both a creative outlet and a form of therapy when I need a healthy recharge. Through macro photography, I have discovered details in our natural surroundings that would have gone otherwise unnoticed. By slowing things down and looking through the lens, these incredibly small and complex creatures reveal themselves, and they brighten my mood immediately. A perfect example is the impossibly small and delicate Damselfly. Similar to a dragonfly, but on a much smaller scale. I have seen them in many different colors. Green, brown, and my absolute favorite, blue. They feed on flies and mosquitos and are completely harmless to humans. On a few occasions, I have even had them land on my finger, likely wondering who is this guy, and what is that thing he is pointing at me!

They are a favorite subject and I am thrilled to see their return each season, with their large eyes that appear to follow you, their delicate thorned legs that latch onto thin branches and leaves, and the adorable tufts of hair on their chin and on top of their head. Each has its own little personality, and I bond with them immediately. There is just something so special about this type of interaction with nature, being respectful of their habitat, capturing that moment to be remembered and shared with others. Just another way that photography keeps me grounded when I need it the most. 

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