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Conspicuous Hibiscus


I am an anthophile. Just so you don’t have to take the time to google that, I will clarify. An anthophile is a person who loves flowers.

Among my favourite flowers are Hibiscus – big, bold, beautiful – and demanding to be noticed. Those exotic pistil-adorned blooms are eye candy for any garden and nearly impossible to pass without at least a glance.

In recent years we have tried to work a trip south to the Caribbean into our chilly Canadian winters. It is there that I have captured most of the beauties that you see here.

There are hundreds of varieties and in glorious colours that range from a soft and subtle blush to a vibrant raging red.

I have heard that certain varieties of Hibiscus are the national flower of Malaysia, South Korea, Haiti, Solomon Islands, Niue, and the state flower of Hawaii. Not at all surprising I would have to say.

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