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Collingwood’s Harbourview Park


As soon as a reasonable amount of snowfall hits the ground there will be, without a doubt, copious numbers of ski and snowboarding buffs headed for Blue Mountain. But personally I find the town-next-door, Collingwood, is also a pretty place to visit and in any season.

Optimist Harbourview Park is one of my favourite Collingwood stops. It offers views of the bay and former Collingwood Grain Terminals building. Built in 1929 it was used to store grain for over 60 years. It was sold to the town 4 years after ceasing operations in 1993. Currently there is a redevelopment plan in the works.

You’ll also find a labyrinth, an arboretum, paved and natural trails and boardwalk, and the restful Awen’ Gathering Place which recognizes the First Nations presence in the South Georgian Bay Area.

The design is a representation of the layers of the food forest, with each layer linked to one of the Seven Ancestor Teachings. These teachings include the virtues of love, respect, courage, honesty, wisdom, humility, and truth. The poles support seven laser cut steel canopies, each of which is cut with a pattern that represents plants from a layer of the food forest. The seating platforms at the base are engraved with the Ancestor Teachings in Ojibwe. 

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