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Cars and Owners, A Special Bond


Spring, summer, and fall, brings out car lovers of all kinds.

One of my favourite things to do during warm summer nights is a local car show. Any night of the week you can find a car show to attend. This year, I had a couple on my to do list that I had not been to before.

Before I continue, I’ll share my own story. I am very blessed to own a 2018 Ford Mustang GT Convertible in a rather rare colour called Royal Crimson.  Owning a Mustang for me is a dream come true, and a dream I share with so many others. Her name is Scarlet and she is first photo below.

Joining local Mustang car groups and checking out car shows, is a great way to meet other car people who share the save love of cars as myself.  

It’s always a joy to share stories and check out what other owners have done, to make their car “Theirs”.  We all change something, add something to put their stamps on our cars.

This year I attended the Ford Stampede car show that was held at the Flamboro Speedway Ontario.


Mustangs from 1964 to 2024 were being displayed. 

How exciting to walk around the track and see so many beautiful cars.  Owners love to talk about their car, we share details and tell anyone who asks where they got their car, how much work it needed, why they bought it.  Everyone has a story to share.

Even reading the personalized license plates is part of the owner’s story.  Lots of owners name their cars too, and why not?  They have a personality of their own.  I get it.

Myself, I like how to hear how they brought their older cars back to life, just to hear the engine wake up and roar is a thrill.  From barn finds, to a car that a Dad left to the next generation – what a gift to be treasured, hopefully a gift to left with younger family members. 

The owners who personalized their “Baby” spend countless hours and dollars to create their idea of a perfect car.  The pride and joy that goes into each automobile is priceless.  It’s also great to see families being involved, they bring their chairs, lunch, coolers and sit by their vehicles with big smiles and a story to share.

As autumn falls before us, the car shows stop, we put our precious cars back into storage for their winter naps, but now we have time to look at what we can do next spring to make our cars just a bit more special.  

See you in the spring Scarlet, I have big plans for you next year!!!

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