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Backyard Aurora Borealis


This picture story was submitted by Andrea Seawright from Alberta.


How did Aurora Borealis come to be in our lives? Well, simply put, we manifested them.   

We knew we wanted to move but didn’t know where. Ideally a space to be in nature, grow our own food and just be.

Alberta had peaked our interests for several reasons.  And this is where we have made our new life. The fact that we’ve always wanted to see Aurora Borealis makes living here in Alberta even sweeter.

I knew nothing about Aurora, aside from the fact I’ve always yearned to see it, and that they always seemed far away from us while we were living in Ontario.

When the sellers of our dream home said you can catch Aurora right in the backyard I couldn’t believe it!!  How perfectI Literally, a bucket list experience that I can now I see whenever I’m willing to stay up late. I actually have an app that alerts me so we can catch them often!

These photos almost capture its breathtaking dance across the sky!

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