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Back Door Views


The view from our back door, in our new location, has offered us some unexpected treats. Certainly in terms of vivid sunsets and, although I don’t consider myself a winter person, it is at times, postcard pretty.

Here in Wasaga Beach winter changes everything. And it changes our view with surprising regularity, even over the course of a day.

Living so close to Georgian Bay the wind is often a key factor in the weather. A winter day can evolve from calm and serene to roads-closed crazy in the space of a few hours.

A blue sky becomes threatening. The wind pushes in. The visibility drops, sometimes to virtually zero and white-outs become the word of the hour.

And our back door view changes right along with it all. Finally an evening brings calmness and the sun may break through, long enough to make you say wow look at that.

Winter changes everything.

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