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Autumnal Equinox, Balance of Light & Dark


Precisely 2:50 this morning, September 23rd, marked the autumnal equinox for those of us in the northern hemisphere.

For the majority of the year planet Earth’s axis is either tipped away from the sun or towards it. Equinoxes are when the sun is landing equally on both the northern and southern hemispheres. They mark the beginning of spring and fall.

The word Equinox itself is derived from the Latin words meaning equal and night. For me, I especially love the momentary balance, a perfect harmony between light and dark.

To celebrate the autumnal equinox here are a few photos I have taken in autumns past. Enjoy!

Kawarthas: Sunrise over the Lake
Kawarthas: Boats at Lock in Bobcaygeon
Caledon: Forest Walk
Kawarthas: Early Sunrise
Bolton: Mill Park
Caledon: The Cheltenham Badlands

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