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Autumn in High Park


This picture story was submitted by Maria Matusik from Toronto, Ontario.


High Park has its charm at any time of the year and its intense fall beauty is no exception.

At 400 acres it is the second largest municipal park in the city of Toronto. It is west of the downtown and is an extremely popular spot!

A large portion of the park remains in a natural state with forest, green spaces, flowers, and hiking trails. You can see wildlife – animals, birds and fish – on your visits. High Park also has sports and recreational opportunities.

I find the forested area the most appealing and I always admire the plants, oak trees, and hemlock forests.

An autumn walk in the forest is very relaxing, and you cannot help but appreciate the abundant natural beauty here.

Walking along with the crunch of the beautifully coloured fallen leaves underfoot feels as if you were walking on nature’s carpet. The fantastic smell of autumn leaves rises up, putting you in a great mood.

High Park is a wonderful natural space in the heart of the city where everyone will find something for themselves.

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