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Rita Di Vilio Trudeau

Rita Di Vilio Trudeau started her fascination with photography in her teens, receiving a camera on her 16th birthday. She remembers taking photos, mounting them on a presentation board to bring to her university interview for an Architectural program in Toronto. The love affair with all things architectural became a passion as the years went by, as did her need to seek new and improved cameras and lenses. Her curiosity expanded to making every photo an expression of what she saw. As a creator, she does not intend to impose her vision; she encourages others to bring their interpretation to the image. Her photography interests also include landscape, travel, and about-the-town. She has fun with experimental captures, making them painterly or abstract, leaving the viewer with the task of translation. Rita’s career in Project Management has been fulfilling; now prioritizing time for family, and travel, exploring with her eye on the next shot.