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Nikola Boadway

Nikola started painting again when the pandemic interrupted her work as a Personal Trainer. She had loved creating art in her youth but life had gotten busy, first with school, then immigrating to Canada, staring her career and raising a family. Eventually an injury put a temporary halt on her training and she joined some group painting classes a friend was hosting. In no time her passion for it returned. Nikola says she forgets about everything when she paints and likens it to time standing still. She also readily admits to painting whatever speaks to her, with no regard of whether it will fit into her wall space. It was that tendency that led to her selling her art, freeing up space for new creations. She views it as a hobby that she can balance perfectly with her work as a Personal Trainer.


Faces… the most difficult and also the most fascinating thing to paint for me. There are shapes and shadows and lines and texture, but the best part is expression. Some… Read More »Faces