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Animal Art


I absolutely loved painting this alligator. It’s creepy and you actually have to look close or step away to figure out what you see. My niece took the photo and I painted it for her sister. 

I have painted several portraits of dogs. Most of them had passed away and the owners wanted something to help them remember. Even though I did not know the animals myself, I think they were pretty close. 

The cow is one of many as well. Strangely enough people like cows and I have sold at least four in total. They have those beautiful eyes and lashes. Plus they look good in kitchens. 

The wolf went to a friend of my son. It was a present from his mom. It made me enormously proud to think that even young people appreciate original art. 

And lastly the elephants… they went to a family that travels for a living. It’s a very large painting and now hangs in their living room. I actually practiced this first as I had never touched or even inspected the skin of an elephant and boy – do they have a lot of wrinkles and crevices! The whole time I am painting this I was wondering what made us convinced that wrinkles are to be avoided in humans, yet we adore elephants. Perspective I guess.

Note: If you are interested in purchasing any of Nikola’s art you will find her contact info on the right sidebar.

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