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Alberta Girls’ Trip


What can be better than a girls’ trip to Alberta?

Why Alberta?  I have had the pleasure of seeing Alberta in the summer months, but not in the winter.  In February 2022 my friend and I decided we both needed a change of scenery from our Ontario winter, so why not check out Alberta.  Yes, most people would head south to the sun and beaches, but we decided to enjoy our Canadian winter with hats, gloves and warm coats.

What a treat it was! The beauty of the mountains, trees, water and wildlife did not disappoint. 

Each day in our rented car we decided to take a new route to a new town.  We stayed in Canmore Alberta, which became our home for a week.  We would check out a map and decided which curvy roads should we venture on. 

Each day we had different views, sights and road conditions.  Some roads we should have avoided due to icy conditions, but we did it.  With white hands on the steering wheel, we both enjoyed the solitude of mountains, water and a lack of people around us.

We would drive for hours and never see another car, and we loved it.  Being in these surroundings and taking in the calmness on these cold days was just what we needed.

Photos will never do the mountains justice, seeing them in their snowy glory is a vision that all Canadians should experience.  When the cold air hits your face, and the smell of fresh air enlightens your senses – it gives the mind a chance to be free of our thoughts that never seem to stop.

The low clouds hovering over the mountain tops, the slight breeze blowing the snow, and the sun barely lighting the sky, creates a scene of mystery.  Where we were standing at this view was also the location of a snow avalanche before our arrival.

The camera can’t capture the size or abundance of such beauty.  The eyes, easily fill with tears realizing how lucky we are to see such a sight.  When we were taking in the views and sounds of nature, the smells of the trees, we didn’t notice how cold we were, it’s overpowering.

Lower in the mountains, water enhances the sight.  The ice and the bright blue sky with mountains all around us…. Brings peace to the soul.  It certainly made me realize how delicate and strong our land is.  

On one of our last drives, we came across aspen trees, “Stop the Car” I yelled. I had to capture the vision that I saw.  To me I saw a perfect picture.  One to be shared. The only sound I heard was the leaves and trees moving with the breeze.  No cars, no people, nothing but peacefulness.

Our winter get away was an adventure like no other that we have taken before.  

Thank you Alberta for being as stunning as you are!!

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