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A New Take on Critter Captures


I can hardly complain about this past winter. It felt shorter and far less harsh than previous ones. And while I didn’t quite hit my target of becoming a hardy, all conditions cold weather photographer (ok, it will never happen), I managed to get a few good shots. But it’s the return of warmer temperatures, followed shortly by my beloved little critters of the multi-legged and winged variety, that really gets the creative juices flowing. 

Armed with my macro lens, I set off to do what I love the most, but this time with a twist. My recently purchased Infrared modified camera has provided a new take on insect macro photography that I absolutely love. Please enjoy a few of my latest captures in both colour and Infrared. 

Happy shooting!


Editor’s Note: If you are interested in purchasing any of Jason’s photography you will find his contact information on the right sidebar.

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